Craft Rum Box April’s Rum of the Month – Companero Extra Anejo

Craft Rum Club – April’s Rum of the month is Companero Ron from Panama

Companero Ron Panama Extra Anejo Craft Rum Box for April is a specially selected delicious Chocolate infused rum. 

Spring is here, Easter is around the corner and our ‘rum journey’ takes us to Panama this month for a delicious chocolate infused rum.  When we stumbled across this rich dark juice, matured for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels we knew we had found the perfect Easter rum.  Panama’s unique climate lends itself to producing good rums.  The stable temperature and humidity around the city of Pesé enables the precise calculation of the evolution of the rum as it ages.

Wondering why there is such an intense chocolate hue?  The rum is taken out of the barrel, cocoa beans are added to the barrels and toasted within them.  The rum is then put back into the barrels to age for a further 9 months.  The high ABV cuts through the intensity of the cocoa to deliver a smooth creamy finish.

In Aprils box;

Companero Ron Panama Extra Anejo – 70cl/54%  alc./vol 

X2 Union Cold Brew Sparkling Black Coffee – 250ml

Fairfields Farm Sweet Chilli Crisp – 40g

Nim’s Orange Infusions Slices

(snacks may contain traces of nuts and other allergens – please check before consuming)

Companero Ron Expressions

The 54% ABV is hidden in the chocolate rum notes which brings warmth to this 12-year-old Panama rum.  Heavy dark chocolate on the nose with hints of citrus which follow through to the palate.  Great in cocktails and served on its own over ice, we feel this is an exceptional rum and hope you will agree.  We particularly liked how well this rum works with Union’s sparkling cold brew coffee.  This sophisticated delicately sparkling soda hits the spot for coffee lovers – a chocolate infused rum

Pour 30ml Companero Rum into a highball glass over ice, add 50ml Union cold brew sparkling coffee (preferably fridge cold) and add Nim’s Orange slice to garnish. Gently muddle to allow the orange to infuse into the pour, sit back and savour your stylish Easter cocktail whilst nibbling Fairfields Farm sweet chili crisp.

We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.

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Cheers stay safe & well.

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