Christmas Rum of the Month – Naud Ron Panama 15yo

Craft Rum Club – Christmas Rum Box Naud Ron Panama 15 years Premium Rum

Naud Ron Panama Craft Rum Box for Christmas is a specially selected delicious rum from Panama

with 15 years of aging in American Oak Barrels.

Naud Ron Panama aged 15 years – Rum Box

Christmas is coming and as the song says ‘Time for parties And celebrations, People dancin’ All night long’.  To get your party started we have selected a 15 year old Panamanian dark Rum from Naud Ron Panama (Noble and Unusual Distillery).  This family distillery opened in 1923 and is well hidden on a small island on the Peninsula de Azuero.

Their art of crafting spirits has been passed down for generations.  The rum is distilled in the traditional fashion, in copper columns of 20 trays, to obtain a distinguished, lavish and fruity spirit.  After 15 years of aging in American oak casks, the rum starts its journey across the Atlantic to the Charente region in France for a finishing period in cognac cellars.

December’s Christmas box from Panama


Naud 15 years – The Expressions

The Naud Ron Panama 15yo rum is deep mahogany in colour with burnished copper flares. There are tempting aromas of clove and cinnamon, a hint of fruit and a faint grassy freshness.  The delicious sweet oak flavour comes through this semi-sweet rum, light vanilla and chocolate box flavours are finished with delicate molasses on the palate

This elegant easy drinking rum can be enjoyed on its own over ice or with a light ginger ale that will not overpower its smooth elegance.   We loved the naturally light Lamb and Watt Ginger ale.  Fill a tumbler glass with ice and a shot of Naud Ron Panama 15yo rum then add the ginger ale to taste.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.

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