Christmas Rum of the Month – Naud Ron Panama 15yo

Craft Rum Club - Christmas Rum Box Naud Ron Panama 15 years Premium Rum

Naud Ron Panama Craft Rum Box for Christmas is a specially selected delicious rum from Panama

with 15 years of aging in American Oak Barrels.

Naud Ron Panama aged 15 years - Rum Box

Christmas is coming and as the song says ‘Time for parties And celebrations, People dancin' All night long’.  To get your party started
24 Days Of Rum Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar – 24 Days Of Rum

24 Days Of Rum Advent Calendar

Skylark spirits have handpicked 24 of their favorite sipping rum to make Christmas time even more lovely. Whether you are new to rum or already an experienced connoisseur, you will be surprised. 24 Days of Rum – The Original Rum Calendar 2019 contains 24 different rum from 24 different countries all over the world.

You have 1 box with 25

rum club - craft rummers club

Types Of Rum

The Craft Rum Club can help you identify different types of rum

Each month we select one of the world’s finest rums, including rare and strictly limited bottlings. Our members receive a bottle of rum, information about the distiller highlighting their passion along with local mixers and cocktail ideas to complement their rum and other selected gifts in a fun filled box.  

Discover different types of rum

The Craft Rum Club can help you
Rum Club - Craft Rummers Club

Rum delivered to your door

About Craft Rum Club

How did the concept of rum delivered to your door come about - well my passion for rum started when I met my partner Donna 7 years ago. Her family are from Jamaica and spent many nights drinking rum with them and getting to grips with this new culture. There have been a few mornings feeling slightly ‘dusty’ especially a Christmas day I seem to recall!

Black Tears Spiced Rum

Black Tears Spiced Rum – October’s Box

Happy Halloween! ?

October brings a unique rum from Cuba – Black Tears. Described as an emotional blend of Cuban rum and seductive Cuban spices based on the Cuban lifestyle and passion for music and dance. Created using a Silver Dry rum from one of the best distilleries on the island, Black Tears is the first ever ‘dry’ Spiced Cuban Rum on the global market and it is our pleasure having
Black Cat Honey Spiced rum

The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum

With September being apple season, this month’s surprise box pays homage to apples.  We have sourced The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum from Courtneys, a small family run business, who are passionate about everything 'Apple' and have diversified into the world of spirits. As the saying goes, black cats are a bad omen but has superstition been erased with this delicious spiced rum?  The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum is a
Bougainville Vieux Spiced Domaine Rum

Bougainville Vieux Spiced Domaine Rum – July’s Box

For your July’s surprise box we have sourced a rum from an up and coming Mauritian distillery.  The Oxenham family set-up the Oxenham Craft Distillery in 2010 and it is located in the centre of the island, in Phoenix.  The Bougainville range of rums are molasses based and borne from decades of ingenuity and passion to create authentic Mauritian rums with a ‘unique local touch’.  The lightly aged Bougainville Vieux
Íon rum - Buy Online

Íon rum – June’s Box

For your June’s surprise box we have sourced a rum that is handcrafted in Ireland.  Íon Distillery in County Tyrone produces Irelands first 100% locally made craft rum. The rum is produced from scratch in their purpose built Caribbean “Doubler-style” copper column still which is unique in Ireland and the UK.  They use water from their own artisan well which is under their distillery (and filtered through ancient volcanic rock), the
Matugga Rum - Buy Online

Matugga Rum – May’s Box

Spring is here and for May we have sourced a beautiful Spiced Rum from Matugga. The rum is made with molasses from sugar canes grown in the rich, red soil of East Africa, and has been distilled in the UK since 2015 winning New York wine and spirit Silver award. Matugga Spirits are carefully crafted in the U.K. through small-batch copper pot distillation. Their proud heritage combined with playful innovation has

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