Bougainville Vieux Spiced Domaine Rum

Bougainville Vieux Spiced Domaine Rum – July’s Box

For your July’s surprise box we have sourced a rum from an up and coming Mauritian distillery.  The Oxenham family set-up the Oxenham Craft Distillery in 2010 and it is located in the centre of the island, in Phoenix.  The Bougainville range of rums are molasses based and borne from decades of ingenuity and passion to create authentic Mauritian rums with a ‘unique local touch’.  The lightly aged Bougainville Vieux
Íon rum - Buy Online

Íon rum – June’s Box

For your June’s surprise box we have sourced a rum that is handcrafted in Ireland.  Íon Distillery in County Tyrone produces Irelands first 100% locally made craft rum. The rum is produced from scratch in their purpose built Caribbean “Doubler-style” copper column still which is unique in Ireland and the UK.  They use water from their own artisan well which is under their distillery (and filtered through ancient volcanic rock), the
Matugga Rum - Buy Online

Matugga Rum – May’s Box

Spring is here and for May we have sourced a beautiful Spiced Rum from Matugga. The rum is made with molasses from sugar canes grown in the rich, red soil of East Africa, and has been distilled in the UK since 2015 winning New York wine and spirit Silver award. Matugga Spirits are carefully crafted in the U.K. through small-batch copper pot distillation. Their proud heritage combined with playful innovation has
Pirate’s Grog Rum - Buy Online

Pirate’s Grog Rum – April’s Box

April’s rum of the month is from Pirate’s Grog and their spiced rum is the fourth expression in their award-winning range.  Don’t be fooled by the word “grog”, this rum is light and full of flavour.  Produced in Honduras on the island of Roatan by blending various rums from around the Caribbean that have been aged up to 5 years in American oak casks.  We love this rum and it’s
Yaguara Ouro aged Rum

Yaguara Ouro aged Rum – March box

With March being the month of the Rio carnival, we thought it timely to showcase a Brazilian rum, Yaguara Ouro.  Yaguara have been producing small batch artisanal cachaça for five generations and the Ouro is the first aged rum from this distiller   Master blender Erwin Weimann has successfully delivered a smoother, more refined cachaça whilst managing to retain its distinctive taste thanks to creativity and a little science.  It is a
OneLove Supreme 5 Island Spiced Rum

OneLove Supreme 5 Island Spiced Rum – February’s Box

February’s rum is from an English artisan producer of fine rum from Kettering. Inspired by their love of reggae, OneLove rum have produced a supreme blend of aged Caribbean rum from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Cuba & Hispaniola (Dominican Republic). These 5 rums bring their own uniqueness and characteristics to an expertly blended bottling. Select tropical spices are added to produce this spirit drink which we believe is of utmost quality.
J Gow 70cl - 40% alc.:vol

J Gow – January’s Box

Happy New Year With Burns Night on the 25th January we thought a spiced rum hailing from a small Orkney island would be a great way to start the new year at Craft Rum Club.
  1. Gow Rum takes its name from the infamous Orkney pirate John Gow whose short career started in Amsterdam and ended in Orkney. He was famously hung twice after the rope snapped, the first time, at
World's End Navy 57

Navy rum from Worlds Ends – December’s Box

Exclusively in our Christmas box comes this unique Navy rum from Worlds Ends. It’s their fifth rum in a widening range of fine rums. Blended with quality rums which have been selected on typical flavour notes from Trinidad, Jamaican Worthy Park and Hampden estates. Navy 57 is certainly a rum to keep you warm during the winter months and at 57%ABV it has an over-proof feel but delivers on spice.   In
Destilerias Arehucas - Buy online

Destilerias Arehucas – August’s Box

Destilerias Arehucas, established in 1884, is devoted to the production of a wide range of Rums, Spirits and Liqueurs. The company is most well known for it’s selection of Rums to suit all tastes. The rums are matured in Arehucas’ world renowned 100 year old Rum Cellar, containing more than 6000 American oak casks. These 200 or 400 litre casks either contain a range of Rums, Spirits and Liqueurs of
Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum

Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum – July’s Rum Box

Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum

For our July’s surprise box of rum we have selected a Tiki spiced rum.  Back in December we sent a sample test tube of this and due to the positive feedback received we decided to include it in the 2018 schedule. The Tiki spiced rum is a blend of rum from the Caribbean and has a hint of a secret spice combined with cinnamon and allspice.  It
Flamboyant Vieux Rhum - Buy Online

Flamboyant Vieux Rhum – February’s Box

Flamboyant Vieux Rhum

In February’s surprise box of rum and continuing to explore agricole rhums, we have sourced a unique product from Mauritius – Flamboyant Vieux Rhum.  This blended rum is aged for up to seven years in used Bourbon oak casks. Golden in colour due to oak maturation, the rum has no artificially added colours. This is a fantastic sipping rum with a big, smooth, well-rounded nose and palate. Unfortunately,

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