El Ron del Artesano

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Rum is often disguised in a glass of coke or muddled into a cocktail, but its versatility and rich intense flavour is exceptional on its own. When you buy rum online you have many choices from terroir to age, from flavour to style, rum is so much more than its colour.

The Caribbean, Central and South America are the spiritual home of rum but it is enjoyed all around the world. Interestingly, the first rum-like drinks are recorded in India and China. Modern rum is either from the Caribbean or Latin America and every distillery in every country has its own individual and versatile take on this much-loved spirit. Choosing to buy rum online gives you time and space to explore the wide range of rums available.

Defining Rum

Unlike other spirits and wine, there is no single defined standard for rum. It is a massively varied type of spirit but it is the flavours of the Caribbean that are best known. Each island has a regional style but on a broad basis they can be distinguished by the languages spoken on the isle.

Spanish speaking islands produce rum known as Ron, often lighter in style with flavour emanating from the ageing process. Ron, usually originates from Cuba, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Spanish speaking provinces in the area.

English speaking islands such as Barbados, St Lucia and Jamaica are known for their heavier and higher ester rums. Distilled from molasses using traditional methods, these rums can be darker in appearance with molasses forward flavours.

French speaking islands like Martinique, Haiti and Guadalouple are known for their rhum agricole. Distilled from sugar cane juice, it has a distinctive upfront grassy taste considered by some to be the purest expression of rum.

Of course, many other areas produce rums too. You can find German rum, British rum, Mexican rum and even South African rum when you’re looking to buy rum online and find your perfect flavour.

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