Craft Rum Box March’s Rum of the Month – Magnifica Envelhecida Cachaça

Craft Rum Club – Brazil’s March’s Rum of the month is Magnifica Envelhecida a deliciously aged Cachaca.

Magnifica is a Cachca for March’s Craft Rum Box specially selected rum from Brazil in the hills around Rio. 

In the true style of Brazil and in celebration of the Rio Carnival which was first staged in 1723 we have sourced a beautiful Cachaça.  Magnifica Envelhecida which is produced in the Fazenda do Anil (Indigo Estate), 110 kms from Rio de Janeiro, on the border between the municipalities of Vassouras and Miguel Pereira.  The estate is located at an altitude of 800m above sea level, in a region of exceptional weather, with the purest air and water.  All sugar cane used to produce Cachaça Magnifica is grown on the estate grounds.

The fresh cane juice is then fermented with local native yeasts and is distilled in triple copper pot stills. This is a totally unique distillation system in Brazil, guaranteeing the best possible selection of alcohols. Oak barrels are then utilised for the aging of Magnifica Envelhecida for a minimum of 2 years.

 In March’s Brazil box;

Magnifica Envelhecida Cachaca – 70cl/43%  alc./vol 

Casa de Bento Suco de Uva – 295ml

Guarana Antartica – 33ml

Vale do Prata, Salgadinhos – 120g

Aritana Pipoca – 40g

Moreninha do Rio – 22g

X3 Limes

Coconut sweets traditionally wrapped

(snacks may contain peanuts and other nut allergies – please check before consuming)

Magnifica Expressions – a taste of Rio

Brazil Magnifica Envelhecida has a golden colour from the aging process and a nice floral aroma with subtle grassy notes coming from the freshly cut cane. The smooth palate is surprising and can be easily sipped. It can be enjoyed straight, on ice or in Brazil’s national cocktail, Caipirinha.  Slice the lime in half and chop into half inch rounds. Add 2 sachets of sugar, muddle in a high ball glass with a couple of ice cubes. Add x2 shots of Cachaca and stir. Sit back and enjoy with the authentic delicious selection of Brazilian snacks.

Magnifica also combines particularly well with the naturel grape juice Casa de Bento and the Guarana Antartica drinks. Pour a shot of Cachaca over ice and add two shots of your preferred mixer, stir (add more cachaca/grape juice to taste).

We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.

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