We are super delighted to shine a light on this UK black owned family business this Black History Month. Marshall & Brown have an extensive range of delicous authentic goodies which are not only in keeping with their Jamaican heritage but are also multi award winning due to their passion and dedication to create amazing quality products.

Marshall and Brown has been awarded three Great Taste awards for its luxury Jamaican food and drink products. The accolade sees the brand receive the prize for the second year in a row!

Check out our co-founder Global Rum Ambasador Ian Burrell at their offical product launch .

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Marshall & Brown embarked on a quest around the world to discover some of the world’s finest rums, they visited and explored the Caribbean, The Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia, 38 countries around the world and tasted a variety of rums, to try and understand what made the perfect Rum. They looked at Technique, processes, sugars, molasses, fruits, and spices. At the end of their long and arduous quest, they had a tremendous amount of insight and knowledge, to create their artisan range of exquisite rums, designed for the rumconnoisseurs. Rums that were produced and blended in such a way, that they were able to create a range of remarkable artisan rums, which was born out the very best of each of those well-travelled destinations and now produced in the UK. Marshall & Brown, “The quintessential Artisan Rum“ (source:


We at the Craft Rum Club had to introduce our lovely subscribers to one of their dark rums in our featured monthly subscription boxes. We still have a select few boxes you can still purchase whilst stocks last, or order a single bottle from our shop.


Tasing notes

Marshall & Brown Artisan Dark Rum has a complex combination of molasses, tonka bean, caramel, and exotic fruits. This is a refined smooth rum that exudes complexity and exquisite aroma of spices and tropicalfruits, balanced with Hints of Caramel. Sounds exquisite!