At Craft Rum Club we are proud to be achieving nearly 7 years of success as a co-black owned business.

My Jamaican heritage and love for rum lead me to create the Craft Rum Club with my life partner Kevin (you can read our full story on our about page) And from this journey I have met some amazing people with even more amazing businesses we have collaborated with over the years. During this Black History time I would like to shine a light on a few that we met during our Craft Rum Club collaborations. I hope you enjoy this selection and feel free to drop by our shop to enjoy the great taste they offer.

Bringing the warmth of the Caribbean to the Southbank, Limin Southbank, the brainchild of chef and owner Sham Mahabir. This is a family favourite, we couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled across this little piece of the Caribbean on the River Thames. There’s a man-made beach to entertain the kids, delicious cocktails and tasty Trinidadian food, what’s not to love? Sham and his team welcome everyone and are adept at building a rapport with their customers, making everyone welcome. If you can’t get to London, Sham often shares his tasty recipes with us so checkout our monthly magazine.
Using a recipe handed down from his forefathers, Sylvester Herman has managed to bring a touch of the Caribbean to Dumbarton. Having recently teamed up with Dwight ‘Rum The Show’ Jones they are not just producing their own range of amazing rums, they are empowering companies to create their own unique rum brands, from concept to bottle, in a blend of St. Kitts heritage, St. Lucian roots, and British craftsmanship. It’s a lot of fun working with this laid back duo.
Paying homage to mum and mum-in-law through a passion for authentic Jamaican flavours. Marshall & Brown’s range of tastefully packaged authentic Jamaican food, condiments, ingredients and rum will transport you to the sunny shores of Jamaica. Dr Carlton and his wife Maverly have strived to produce fair that is true to their roots, head to our blog to find out more about Marshall & Brown Dark Rum.
Saint Ogun (sold out)
SAINT OGUN is a tasty blend of five rums from celebrated and iconic Caribbean distilleries. Rum is an integral part of Nic and Rico’s friendship and together they are shaping their own contemporary version of what rum means and could be. SAINT OGUN is rooted in Nigerian Yoruba culture where ‘OGUN’ is an Orisha, a native deity, known for craft and invention. Past movements of the Yoruba tribe and traditions to the Caribbean and further saw OGUN and his rituals evolve – in some parts taking his sacrifices in rum, and in others being practiced as a SAINT, sharing the same naming etymology as many Caribbean islands and cities. These expressions exist across St Lucia, Trinidad, Haiti and beyond. SAINT OGUN is a lens on this infusion and our dual heritage between Nigeria and the Caribbean, as well as our upbringing in London, where the brand is based.
Flat Cap Drinks
The name Flat Cap is paying homage to founder Richard McKitty’s late father who travelled from Jamaica in the early 1950’s to start a new life in the United Kingdom, specifically south London and was known for wearing a Flat Cap! Recognising that the majority of household name rums were more legacy products that people purchased out of habit, Flat Cap Drinks wanted to add value and alternative products to what was widely available and started their quest to create new flavours and exciting rum.
Satchmo Rum
Smooth and cool, like the unique and distinctive trumpet bottle from which it pours, SATCHMO mojito inspired rum is a salute to the greatest trumpet virtuoso Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong. His legendary musical genius continues to provide joy and inspiration to past and present generations. Cordell De BardeLaben knew how to get his rum seen on the shelf and bottled a mojito flavoured rum in a black trumpet styled bottle!
White rum isn’t as popular in the UK as the rum producing countries around the globe so when we got wind that an almost colourless rum was going to be available in the UK, plus it’s an African-Caribbean blend, we jumped at the chance to share it with our community. An approachable yet complex rum that can be sipped and enjoyed in your favourite cocktails, we love it in a Daiquiri! And yes you heard right, it’s an approachable white – I am thinking you can wax lyrical on this one?
What from our collaborations did you discover through Craft Rum Club? share your comments on our socials and I hope you discovered some great new things this Black history month.