The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum

With September being apple season, this month’s surprise box pays homage to apples.  We have sourced The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum from Courtneys, a small family run business, who are passionate about everything ‘Apple’ and have diversified into the world of spirits.

As the saying goes, black cats are a bad omen but has superstition been erased with this delicious spiced rum?  The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum is a Guyanese rum infused with Courtneys own honey, taken from their hives (populated with rescue bees) on Black Cat Bridge Exmoor, hence the name.


In September’s box;

The Black Cat Honey Spiced Rum – 70cl/35% alc./vol 

1x Courtneys Apple and Ginger Juice – 330ml

1x Courtneys – Whimple Orchards Cider 500ml

1x Burts Firecracker Lobster crisp – 40g

1x BeeBom


The Expressions

The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum is punchy but warming.  An alluring, flavoursome spiced rum teamed with mixed spices and infused with a sweet fra honey.  The result is a warm, magical taste of Devon.

September is about apples, so we decided on two different pairings which we know you will enjoy.  At Courtneys orchard, everything is natural, their trees aren’t sprayed and nor do they use fertilisers, instead they allow nature to take its course.  Their apples are grown, picked, pressed and bottled onsite in their orchard. You can’t get fresher!  Courtneys Apple and Ginger juice is made to order and we feel is one of the nicest apple juices we have sampled.  Then comes a Courtneys traditional cider, yes it doesn’t sound like it will work but it really does and is surprisingly good.  Both drinks really complement the rum and we feel Courtneys have come up with a great formula to link their drinks together.  The Black Cat Honey Spiced rum is also great served over ice.  Don’t forget to enjoy your tipple with the wonderful Burts Lobster Firecracker crisp.  Lastly, let’s help our Bee population by planting the beebom in a place in need of colour so our bees can enjoy the nectar rich flowers they love.

We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.

Cheers, from

Craft Rum Club