Worthy Park Estate Ltd.

August’s surprise box of Rum

Worthy Park Estate Ltd.August’s surprise box of Rum comes from Jamaica and we are both proud to be able to source this rum for the membership.

The Worthy Park Estate is close to where Donna’s mum was born and grew up before emigrating to the UK in 1962.

In August’s box;

  • Worthy Park Estate Rum-Bar Gold Aged 4 Years 70cl – 40% alc./vol
  • The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram 5cl – 22% alc./vol (an almost forgotten Jamaican liqueur)
  • Taylerson’s Vanilla Syrup 5cl
  • James White Lime Chilli Zinger 7cl
  • Schweppes Soda Water 15cl (celebrating their 225th British anniversary)
  • Organic Lime


The Expressions

Rum-Bar Gold Rum is a classic rich Jamaican rum which can be enjoyed mixed or neat. Ideally, rested before sipping as once the alcohol dissipates the sweetness of banana and stewed apples prevails on the nose. The fruit dominates the palate whilst the four aged years enables this rum to benefit from oak interaction, giving a vanilla and treacle like sweetness. A long mellow finish bursting with flavours.

PIMENTO DAIQUIRI is our featured cocktail of the month using the ingredients contained within the box. We really enjoyed putting our take on this drink bringing together the best Pimento to give a taste of Jamaica.

Worthy Park Estate Ltd.

Worthy Park Estate Ltd. is known for offering the best rum in Jamaica. We cater to everyone’s distinct needs and unique moods. We process exceptional taste for you that you will never get over. Our rum leads you to happiness and creates heaven on earth for you.

The molasses used in our rum production is extracted in our own property sugar factory; a sugar factory that has maintained its rank as the most efficient in Jamaica every year since 1968.

With the completion of a state-of-the-art distillery in 2005, Worthy Park was back in the rum business. Being the newest distillery, it was built with efficiency in mind and designed to maintain the highest level of quality.

From the quality of water used in blending, to the propriety native yeast cultivated from our own sugar cane crop, the detail given to the quality of our rums is evident in every step of production.

We distil our rums in the traditional Jamaican Pot- Still method give you a full flavoured and tasty rum. The 100% copper Pot-Still’s used for distillation were made by Forsyths, the industry leader in Pot-Still manufacturing from Scotland. This commitment to quality and tradition.

We look forward to supplying your next surprise box.


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