August’s Surprise UK Exclusive Craft Box of Rum features Saint James VSOP from Martinique

August’s Surprise & UK EXCLUSIVE Box of Rum for our members comes from the famous Saint James distillery in Martinique and have been making rhum since 1765!

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Inside August’s Saint James VSOP box;

* Saint James Pure Cane VSOP – 70CL | 40 % ABV

* X2 Merchant’s heart Ginger Ale – 200ml

* X1 Witch King’s Hibiscus Syrup – 50ml

* X1 Witch Kings Ginger Syrup – 50ml

* X1 Sunita Lemon Juice

* X1 Frobisher’s Pineapple Juice 250ml

* X1 Peakz Wild Cassava Chips – Salt & Vinegar 40g

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Appearance: Bright mahogany
Nose: Cacao & delicate spices with woody and vanilla. Fruity notes of peach and apricot.
Palate: Perfect balance of toasted and roasted notes, sweet spices (vanilla, cinnamon). The wood is perfectly integrated, and the finish is clean and long.


Saint James sugarcane plantations are located East on the mountainside, a specifically humid area where the cane is ‘fresh’, meaning the juice will taste of fresh cane juice. Saint James rhums are produced by the fermentation of pure cane juice followed by distillation in Creole columns. Each stage of Saint James rhum production in the distillery is designed to minimise the impact on the environment. The harvest runs from March till the end of July. During the “campaign” the distillery is smoking 5 days a week. At Saint James the fermentation is quick in order to preserve all the naturality of the freshly cut sugar cane. In 48 hours, a “cane wine” around 5% ABV is produced. For the distillation traditional creole columns are used. A lot of congeners and esters in the new rhum are left and is why agricole is always very aromatic compared to light rum. A tropical ageing and a bottling is mandatory for the AOC Martinique:Rhum VSOP: minimum 4 years.

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