April’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring Ron Tanduay Double Rum


Only a handful of rum makers in the world are over 150 years old. Since 1854, Tanduay Asian Rum has been creating a spirit as intriguing in its silky smoothness and elegant flavour as the essence of the mysterious East. It remains one of Asia’s best-kept secrets and among the world’s most decorated spirits for generations to come.

The name itself is a derivative of the Tagalog word tangway, which means “isthmus” and pays homage to the original distillery, established in the historic Isla de Tanduay in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. As Tanduay expanded its legacy, its influence spread to the tropical exotic cocktail culture of the 1930s. Tiki legend, Don the Beachcomber, was just as renowned for his whimsically imaginative and dynamic cocktails as for the expert Filipino barmen who masterfully crafted them using Tanduay Rum. Winner of over 200+ international awards and tasting medals, Tanduay is now poised to create a new industry paradigm, with a strong focus on heritage and craftsmanship combined with an emphasis on integration within various dynamic lifestyle categories, ranging from sports, media, and music to arts, fashion, and technology.

These silky-smooth rums from our own heritage sugarcane, reveal how Tanduay became a global leader in rum making. With its pure and distinctive taste, Tanduay Asian Rum is for those seeking greater complexity and sophistication. Tanduay Asian Rum – Double is a blend of two rums, a premium 16 year old rum and a traditional 5 year old rum. These two rums are then blended and aged for a further 2 years in once-used bourbon barrels.

Further into our box this month;
x1 @tanduayrum.uk Double Gold Rum
x2 @artisan Barrel Smoked Cola
X1 @stratfordsodas Mixed Spice Mixer
x1 Craft Rum Club Pineapple Syrup
courtesy of @witchkingsrum
x1 @theflatbaker Chocolate Brownie

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