April’s Surprise Box of Spiced Rum Featuring Flat Cap Rum Cherry & Vanilla Spiced Rum

Authentic And Flavoursome

The name Flat Cap is paying homage to our late father who travelled from Jamaica in the early 1950’s to start a new life in the United Kingdom specifically south London and was known for wearing a Flat Cap! We are honoured to bare the Flat Cap symbol in our logo and our name. Billy Balton Mckitty 1936 – 2015.

After tasting Rums from most parts of the Caribbean we decided to build upon traditional spirits, we create new flavours to bring you exciting rum. Also seeing that the majority of household name rums were more legacy products that people purchased out of habit, Flat Cap Drinks wanted to add value and alternative products to what was being consumed in the marketplace.

Our rums are distilled in the traditional and authentic manner, the stills are all handmade and hand beaten copper (not a Colum still). This choice allows the rum to have the most amount of contact with the copper which in turn provides the best quality product for you to enjoy and makes our rums honest, authentic and flavoursome.

After distillation the flavour recipe is added and left to infuse for 5-7 days in oak barrels as this helps to provide that great smooth palate excitement, and aids with the colour of the rum making it attractive to the eye.

Further into our box this month;

x1 @flatcapdrinks Vanilla and Cherry Spiced Rum

x1 @flatcapdrinks Mixed Spiced Rum mini
x2 @artisan Barrel Smoked Cola
X1 @stratfordsodas Hedgerow Mixer
x1 Craft Rum Club Mixed Berry Syrup
courtesy of @witchkingsrum
x1 @theflatbaker Chocolate Brownie

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Enjoy 🍹🍹🍹🍹😎😎🙏

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