April Box – Craft Rum Club

Welcome to the Craft Rum Club and congratulations on joining the membership plan. It’s our mission at Craft Rum Club to supply you with the finest selection of Rums and treats from around the world and we will have great pleasure in sending you a surprise box of rum on your monthly plan date.

It is with great pleasure that we have been able to source this month’s rum from the island of Java, Indonesia. ‘The Dutch’ company have made a truly fine rum and can be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail. Please see our suggested Easter cocktail of the month or try the Batavia cocktail suggestion from the bottles label.

In Aprils box;

BATAVIA ARRACK (8 years) 70cl – Rum of the month – a fantastic way to start your membership journey!

Mozart Chocolaté Cream Liqueur 20ml – 17% vol

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer – 200ml

Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Easter Bunny 100G (does contain nuts)

Solid Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs

Fact sheet for the Dutch Rum and some of their other interesting products.


We wish you a very happy Easter and looking forward to supplying you with the next surprise box of rum and can’t wait to see your cocktails on social media…


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