Angostura Masterclass Featuring Tamboo Spiced Rum

We at The Craft Rum Club were super excited to be hosting a live tasting masterclass event this Summer in conjuction with the amazing rum brand Angostura featuring Tamboo spiced rum. The ticket information made its way out to our wonderful subscribers who had the chance to all meet in the real world to enjoy, sip and savour on a host of delish cocktails from the Angostura range. We were delighted to have access to the brands newcomer to their range. Tamboo spiced rum which is blended using tasty Caribbean spices.

“Angostura Tamboo is the perfect, playful partner to all of life’s Carnival moments and it likes to dress according”! (quote from Angostura) What better a venue to have this gathering at, than Limin in Southbank.

Tamboo spiced rum certainly has a wonderfully exotic bottle design and branding. At the event, we were joined by Angosturas brand ambassador who brought an array from the Angostura range for all to enjoy. The retail price of these can be pricy, so this was a unique opportunity for our Craft Rum Club members/non members to sample. Not to mention we were also joined online for those who could not make it to the venue via zoom, where everyone got.a chance to ask questions and interact with the event from the comfort of their home.



Were you there? drop your comments below on how you enjoyed the Angostura masterclass. We look forward to bringing you more live event action soon. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for the latest news and upcomming events, sales and more. Ciao Ciao xx ❤️

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