Kevin’s passion for rum started when he met his partner Donna. Her family are from Jamaica, they spent many nights drinking rum with them and there were a few mornings feeling slightly ‘dusty’ especially a Christmas day Kevin recalls!

Founded in 2016, Craft Rum Club is a UK based rum subscription service of premium crafted rums from around the world.

Kevin and Donna established Craft Rum Club based on their passion for the quality rums across the world. After a fruitless search for an elegant brand giving consumers the option to taste new exclusive rums which also teaches people about them, led the pair to crafting their own service. They want to continue transforming the overlooked spirit from its older generation stereotype into the next stylish, lifestyle high-end service with international appeal.

From their passion for rum Craft Rum Club was born and it is an absolute pleasure of theirs to serve members with some of the finest rums, great cocktail ideas and simply everything rum.

Kevin & Donna