Founded in 2016 by Kevin and Donna, Craft Rum Club is a UK-based subscription service and the first of its kind to offer premium crafted rums from around the world. Donna’s Jamaican roots meant early on, Kevin was introduced to her family rum rituals. And from there, a love of another kind was born.


Before Craft Rum Club, we enjoyed countless nights sharing delicious rums. Truth be told, these long evenings were followed by fuzzy mornings…but it was worth it. We discovered a passion for rum we couldn’t quench. There’s something thrilling in its history, its various rich, eccentric characters, and we’re all about its underdog spirit. We started spit-balling ideas. Are there other rum-lovers out there? How can we learn more? Our search for a service for more exclusive rum experiences was fruitless. So, we created it instead. 

When asked if there’a a ‘decent’ rum club, Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador, said ‘I’ll be organising one soon’, then joined our community in 2021. 

Here we are. And, hey, as leaders in rum exploration, that means we don’t stop learning either. Our growing Craft Rum Club community is all about that. And it’s for everyone: the rum-lovers, the rum-curious, the connoisseurs–but also fans of a supreme cocktail hour…or two. We want to excite you with a taste for rum’s daring history, possibilities and personalities. But we’re also on a mission. It’s time to shake off rum’s dusty, older generation reputation to reveal its true spirit: an extraordinary, elegant versatility and global relevance. And we’d like you to join us as we strive to do that. Preferably right here. Over a rum.


Kevin, Donna & Ian

Join the Craft Rum Club today and we’ll deliver direct to your door a surprise box of rum and some goodies every one, two or three months.