5 Premium Mini rums from Australia

South Australia is one of the very few geographical locations in Australia where upon ageing your rum you have a rapidly increasing ABV , the water molecules evaporate faster than your alcohol & you’re left with a pure & intense flavour profile. Versus a decreasing ABV when aged anywhere in the tropics.

South Australia’s climate can see 49 degrees Celsius in summer down to minus temps in winter, a volatile yet low humidity rum shaping climate… South Australia‘s wine regions have long known this fact & continue to produce some of the most highly awarded and sought after wines in the world.  The flavour profile of Dead Reckonings Australian dry aged rums is testament to this phenomenon.

Why not give all 5 minitures a special premuim taste to yourself or a special someone. No reason just because or of course if a special day is upon them or celebration, bring out the good stuff! Included in the flight box is…..

Dead Reckoning 20yrs Mutiny
Bottle Size | 50ml
ABV | 68%

An exceptional rum from the South Pacific with rich complexity and depth, a true treasure.

Dead Reckoning Australia 9 Year Bourbon Cask
Bottle Size | 50ml
ABV | 55%

An exceptional rum from Beenleigh carefully aged, a true gem in the world of aged spirits.

Dead Reckoning Barbados
Bottle Size | 50ml
ABV | 52%

Pot & Column still blend of Foursquare Barbados rum.

Dead Reckoning South Pacific
Bottle Size | 50ml
ABV | 47%

100% Tropically aged rum from Fuji, aged in a 40 year old Muscat Barrel from Charles Sturt Winery.

Dead Reckoning Killik
Bottle Size | 50ml
ABV | 55%

Pot still single retort high ester funky rum.

Phew, what’s not to love about this set. Try it today, cheers